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 DH106 Comet 1A -  F-BGNX Fuselage Restoration

Comet 1 fuselage work


During the last few months, work has progressed quite well after a very slow start earlier in the Summer. We have managed to acquire some more scaffolding and this has allowed us to erect cup-lock scaffolding all down both sides of the fuselage. We did try attaching a tarpaulin to the alloy hoops to give us some protection from the wind, but even when tying down a small tarp., I found my leg being assaulted by the foot of one of the hoops - the whole things was being lifted off the ground by the wind. These hoops will now be held down by the weight of the scaffolding, when we put Visqueen over the fuselage for the Winter.



Trevor Wright from Chemetall dragged us into reality by coming along one Tuesday and virtually stripping the whole of the fuselage of paint himself. He brought with him the special stripper spray unit and spent all day using this with their special stripper to remove almost all the original paint. Since this day, our group have worked incredibly hard to remove the surface corrosion on the top of the fuselage and then I along with Lionel have followed along with etch primer and, where possible two pack epoxy primer. This is a brilliant paint, tough and very hardwearing. The fuselage is now better protected from the elements that she has been for over 40 years. Hopefully soon we shall be able to put the fuselage onto a special metal frame which will allow us to move and later to raise her so that we can then clean and paint the lower half.


Brian Kern


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