The de Havilland Aircraft Museum is closed until further notice
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  • de Havilland DH 106 Comet 4 Simulator

    de Havilland DH 106 Comet 1a cockpit

  • Sea-Venom-resize

    DH 112 Sea Venom FAW 22 XG730

  • de Havilland DH100 Vampire FB 6

    de Havilland DH100 Vampire FB 6

  • de Havilland DH 98 Mosquito B. MK. 35

    de Havilland DH 98 Mosquito B. MK. 35

  • Sea-Vixen-resize)

    DH 110 Sea Vixen XJ565

  • Cierva

    Cierva C.24 Autogyro G-ALBM

  • British Aerospace BAe146-100

    British Aerospace BAe146-100

  • DHC-1-Chipmunk-WP790-resize

    DHC-1 Chipmunk T.10 WP790

  • de Havilland DH 114 Heron MK.2D

    de Havilland DH 114 Heron MK.2D

  • Vampire-resize

    DH 115 Vampire T.11 XJ772

  • Comet-1a-resize

    DH 106 Comet 1A F-BGNX

  • de Havilland DH98 Mosquito Prototype W4050

    de Havilland DH98 Mosquito Prototype W4050

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum is closed until further notice


Welcome to the oldest aviation museum in the UK dedicated to the preservation and display of de Havilland Aircraft. The de Havilland Aircraft Company played an important role in the history of aircraft development in 20th century Britain.You can get close up to many of our air frames including the unique Comet 1a an early example of the worlds first jet airliner and we are the only aviation museum in the world to display three DH Mosquitos including the Prototype W4050 the only WW2 prototype that is on display where it was designed and built.

The de Havilland Aircraft Museum is proud to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe day by showing one of the films that we have on display at the Museum.

The film is in memory of all allied Mosquito Air and Ground Crews who serviced and flew  Mosquitos during and after World War 2.

Please turn the sound on and you’ll hear what it was like to be in a Mosquito Squadron


The health and well being of our visitors, volunteers and staff is our highest priority. In line with the latest advice from Public Health England, the de Havilland Aircraft Museum will be closed  until further notice.

Like many other independent small charities we depend on the generosity of its friends and supporters to help us  to continue our work in preserving the de Havilland Heritage. As we are now closed we hope you will consider making a donation. You can make a donation by clicking here.

Thank you

Sir Geoffrey de Havilland Hangar virtual tour

Virtual Museum Guides

Upon closure of the Museum due to the corona-virus pandemic, the Curator, and the Events Manager, began filming video shorts around the Museum.  The message of the videos is “If you can’t come to the Museum then we’ll come to you”.

The videos are rough & ready, being filmed at short notice on the only technology we have to hand: a mobile phone, and we make no apology for the amateur production values.

We have created an ongoing programme of content to release daily across all our social media channels: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and on our web site.

Our Museum Guide Book is now available to purchase on our website-

We are addressing the following topics:

  • a series of virtual mini tours around the exhibits
  • exploring the history of de Havilland and the Museum
  • opening up the archives for an opportunity to see what’s not normally on show
  • STEM experiments and “Try This at Home” activities to showcase our STEM offering and provide material for home-schoolers
  • Arts & crafts to aid home-schoolers and occupy time during the social isolation measures
  • Fundraising – ‘Donate’ buttons and website are attached to each post, as & when we can put the infrastructure in place and donations can be made via this web site-Your support is very much appreciated.
Curator’s Message
To view please turn sound on
Mini Tour: DH The Beginning
To view please turn sound on