de Havilland DH103 Sea Hornet NF.21 (tail section)

Aircraft overview:

The DH103 Sea Hornet was a two seater Night-Fighter (NF) version of the DH103 Hornet and was produced to specification N.21/45, design modifications being entrusted to Heston Aircraft who had previously designed the Sea Hornet’s folding wing. Flame dampening exhausts were fitted and a second crew member was a radar navigator, situated separately behind the wing facing aft during flight. A total of 78 were built, 809 Squadron becoming operational with the type from 1949, the only front line squadron so equipped. All Sea Hornets were out of service by 1956.

The Museum is fortunate to have on displaythe largest remaining fragment of this aircraft type in existence.


Aircraft specifications:

Power Unit: 2 x Merlin 133/134 engines

Wing Span: 45 ft (13.7 m)

Length: 37ft 8 in (11.48 m)

Loaded Weight: 19,550 lb (8,868 kg)

Max Speed: 472 mph (760 kph)

Service Ceiling: 33,000 ft (10,059 m)

Range: 3,000 miles (4,828 km)


On display at the Museum:

The Museum’s exhibit is the tail section of VX250.