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REORGANISATION of all of the aircraft on display and the exhibitions has been completed by a team of volunteers led by Pete Widdicombe, working often 6 or 7 days a week. This has been necessary to enable contractors to arrive on site on March 14th to begin preparatory work for construction of the new hangar. The small Sir Geoffrey de Havilland Hangar – the Robin Hangar – has now been dismantled as it occupied a major part of the space required for the development.

All of the DH 1930s biplanes and the Cierva Autogiro have been relocated to a new temporary storage marquee which has been erected on adjacent land recently leased by the museum, and other aircraft on external display – the Dove, Heron, 125 and Sea Vixen – have been moved from the apron onto site extension. The two sections of the Horsa glider were moved from the Robin Hangar into the larger Walter Goldsmith Hangar. New pathways have been laid and power supplied to the marquee for lighting.

This work was completed in time for the official opening of the museum for 2016 season on March 6th.