Sea Hornet Patrol By Philip E. West

DHAM 20th September 2014 021


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Product Description

Signed by Sea Hornet veterans – only a few remaining!

The DH 103 Hornet represented the ultimate in piston engine fighter designs and was widely acclaimed by pilots to be “wonderful to fly” whilst arguably the best looking of all twin engine aircraft.

It served with the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm and the Royal Air Force throughout the late 1940’s and up to the mid-1950’s.It was fast, climb performance was simply breath-taking and it offered a good range of endurance. The Hornet also packed a punch, featuring four 20mm cannon together with the capability of carrying bombs, rockets or fuel tanks.

Here we see two Sea Hornets F Mk 20’s climbing above HMS Implacable to begin a combat air patrol.

Unframed – Approx. Size 700mm x510mm